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Removable appliances are types of orthodontic appliances that are not fixed and can be removed. These are usually used if the severity of the crooked teeth is mild or if the patient is still growing.


Removable Appliances

Retainers are appliances that are worn after orthodontic treatment for a period of time, and they do not cause tooth movement, unlike braces. As the name suggests, retainers only hold the tooth that are already moved to their correct position. If a patient is not compliant and does not wear their retainers after their orthodontic treatment, they will find that their teeth will move and return to their original position.


Functional appliances are braces that are given to children between eleven and fourteen years old during their main growth spurt. These appliances can be used to help correct jaw discrepancies and correct crooked teeth. The appliances are used before fixed appliances to reduce the discrepancy between the upper and lower jaws and therefore the teeth.

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